Introducing Claude! A charming man and owner/collector at Decol’Age.

Based out of Montreal and specializing in vintage jewelry and accessories including scarves, purses and hat pins.



Claude has a passion and love for the art deco period and is drawn to it for its geometric lines and contrasting colours which give it a very vibrant dynamic.


Unfortunately, high quality Art Deco pieces are very hard to come by, but do however, surface! Therefore, Claude has extended his interest to Victorian era jewelry through to the 1970’s.

Claude also has an eye for sterling modernist jewelry and being from Montreal, he collects Robert Larin and Vidal to name a couple. Great innovative jewelry designers in the 1960’s-1970’s. The jewelry has the feeling of Lunar ground, which is very special. You are in for a treat because you will be able to find some of these pieces at Gadsden’s spring vintage clothing and textile show April 14th.


Designs by Robert Larin circa 1960’s-1970’s

Be sure to visit Claude and see what Decol’Age is all about! It won’t take long to see his passion for each piece and his love for colour and design.



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