Patricia Gostick

sherman 004

Patricia Gostick is a former English & French teacher.

She has been a vintage costume jewelry collector and dealer for more than a decade! She is a specialist in the jewelry of the American artist and designer, McCelland Barclay.

Patricia is also the founder of the Toronto Vintage Costume Jewelry Club.


Patricia has a love for chunky jewelry from the 1960’s-1970’s as well as mid-century modernist pieces. She also has an appreciation for the delicacy and beauty of designs from the Edwardian Era as well as a passion for the aesthetics from the Art Deco movement.

Here are some pieces from Patricia’s collection that you can look forward to at this years Spring Vintage Clothing & Textile Show, Toronto.

             monty don & joan rivers 007                   jensen, pewter, Sherman 006

     rings, ec 017    French bangle & books 011

gold swallow, etc 009

As you can tell, Patricia has a very eclectic taste and that is reflected by the range of jewelry which she collects. Patricia is always on the lookout for unique pieces. This involves a lot of traveling to antique malls, shows and fairs in order to purchase the right item, at the right price.


Knowledge, fairness and integrity are three top qualities for which she is known for.

Watch for articles about early Canadian sterling and enamel patriotic souvenir brooches, which will appear in the July/August 2013 issue of The Nation Antique Magazine, The Upper Canadian.

jensen, pewter, Sherman 008      patriotic pin collection 030

Be sure to visit Patricia’s booth at The Toronto Vintage Clothing & Textile Show April 14th.

See you there!


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