Ian Drummond Collection

Ian Drummond

Ian has been collecting vintage clothing since the early 1980’s. He first began shopping for himself in Toronto’s Kensington Market and now he travels all over North America to stock his shop, 20th Century Frox.

The Ian Drummond Collection provides clothing rentals for film and television productions. He now has a collection spanning from the 1900’s to 1990’s and housed in a 4500 sq ft studio located downtown Toronto.

While he has been building the Ian Drummond Collection, he has also been a member of IATSE 873 since 1997 and has worked as an assistant costume designer on Hairspray and Cinderella Man as the extra’s coordinator. Responsible for the costuming of 3000+ background performers in each film. Ian was also the wardrobe buyer on Chicago, which won an Oscar for costume design.

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Have we got your attention yet?

Ian has made many valuable contacts over the years, supplying NYC costume houses, individual costume designers, The 7th Ave Fashion Designers, private collectors and museum curators.

While his main business is vintage clothing rentals for film and TV, Ian also takes part in select vintage clothing shows. At this years spring 2013 Vintage Show, Ian will have a selection of women’s clothing and accessories including hats, shoes & jewelry that are relevant to current fashion trends and classics that are always in demand! Ian will also have a selection of dresses and gowns for the 2013 Prom season!

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DSC01203   DSC01229   DSC03486   DSC01302

When asked why he got into the rental business his answer was simple…”It satisfies two urges in me; to shop AND to keep!”

Just a few of the feature films Ian Drummond Collection’s has supplied wardrobe for:

American Pie, The Aviator, Capote, Changeling, Grey Gardens, The Heist, Hollywoodland, Memory Keepers Daughter, Shall We Dance, The Time Travelers Wife…the list goes one!

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Follow Ian and see what he’s up to! Chat with him and get a taste of his collection at Toronto’s Vintage Clothing & Textile SPRING Show, April 14th at Wychwood Barns.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Ian-Drummond-Collection/126735284162703

Website: http://www.iandrummondcollection.com


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